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Route 149 Solar

MHG repurposed a 10+ acre slate tailings pile adjacent to an active quarry to build an 820kW project that has been successfully operating since 2019.   Click to watch a flyover video and get a sense of how massive the tailings pile is.

Wallingford Solar

3.3MW project making creative reuse of a gravel pit and former asphalt crusher site.  Operational since 2019.

Pig Pen Solar

820kW project operational since 2018 is another example of MHG making creative reuse of an old gravel extraction site.

Dirt Road Solar

465kW slate pile project operational since 2019

Briar Hill Quarry

820kW solar project located a top an abandoned slate pile.  Operational since 2019. 

Route 149 Solar is located on an active tailings pile adjacent to a working quarry and mill

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